About Me

Hi! I’m Cami Candor. Thanks for stopping by.

Like many others out there I am an internet junkie.  I search the web for everything and anything.  WWW is a great resource so why not use it, right! 

This site is all about reviews reviews reviews! Home products I use or exercise and diet programs I try.

Let’s be honest, the easier it is to find information about what we want the less stress we have in our lives.  And that is what I want to accomplish here in The Honest Room.  I want to help you have a beautiful, healthy and stress free life.

I want to give folks more information so that you can make a confident decision the next time you are buying that product for your home or wanting to get fit but not sure where to start.

I will do my best to add a link where you can get the products or find more information on what you are looking for.  Leave a post if you have questions, or you can always email me.  I will do my very best to help you out!